about RASCOR

RASCOR are global leaders in basement waterproofing and focus on tailer made waterproofing concepts in the international construction industry.

RASCOR came to work with me through InterTrade Ireland (upon my recommendation and support with the application process) as I am an approved Digital Sales Supports consultant.

challenges & goals:

RASCOR had recently moved office locations and developed a new website, but they didn’t have much of a digital presence online. They wanted my help to improve their search engine ranking on Google and to increase brand awareness, leads, and sales across their UK and Ireland offices.

So, I worked on improving their website performance and site architecture. I also carried out extensive competitor keyword research, set up conversion tracking, and optimised all website pages with SEO best practices. I even optimised their social media profiles with keyword-rich content.

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strategies that were used:


page indexing:


website performance (before):


website performance (after):


Acquisition (How People are finding their website):


what valuable actions are visitors taking on the website:


how engaged are visitors on the website :


Google Rankings (local Search):



“Working with Sarah was a game-changer for us. Before we started, our website was underperforming and we had little to no online presence. But after Sarah worked her magic, we saw a significant improvement in our website’s performance, leading to an increase in traffic, leads, and sales. What’s even more impressive is that we’re now ranking at the coveted position #1 on Google’s first page for one of our top competitive keywords. Sarah is an absolute pleasure to work with, and she made the entire process seamless. Thanks to her efforts, almost 50% of our website traffic is now coming directly from Google search. We can’t recommend her enough!”

client Happiness survey:


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