LinkedIn operates very differently from other platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. It is the prime place for making professional connections and harnessing potential clients, customers, mentors and referrers.

We’ve put together 7 simple tips to help you grow your LinkedIn profile for business:

1. Create a profile that reaches out to your market. Write content that is attractive to clients. Talk about how your skills benefit others in the business. Make it easy for them to see exactly what it is you do. Bulleted lists are best for doing this.

2. Use a clear, professional cover photo and headshot for your profile picture. Remember, this social platform is like a live curriculum vita that enables people to view your work history, references and associates. Try to include a professional and relevant cover photo along with a nice, friendly profile picture that portrays you in business.

3. Use relevant keywords to get found. Search engines are not the only place that keywords are important. Write down a list of keywords relevant to your business and incorporate them throughout your profile content bio. It’s a good idea to also include them in your personal LinkedIn URL.

4. Make Strategic Connections with a Personalised Message.LinkedIn is about quality over quantity. Not everyone will accept your request if they don’t know you. You also run the risk of being labelled a spammer. Instead, connect with people you know first. Include a personal introductory message and perhaps even include a reminder as to how you know them and why you want to connect. This method is more professional and will improve your chances of them accepting your request.

5. Share quality, professional content only. LinkedIn is all about showcasing your expertise. Share items such as business news and events and also blogs you’ve written, product launches, milestones and industry-related content. Remember, items of value get the most shares and interaction.

6. Endorse others. It’s a good idea to take the lead when it comes to writing references and endorsing other people’s skills. It’s also a way to encourage others to introduce you to potential prospects and build better relationships along the way. It demonstrates that you are forthcoming about endorsing others and giving.

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– Sarah Jane