It’s so important right now to update your social media so that your business will stay top of mind with your customers. 

Here’s a few content ideas that you can post during the next few weeks to keep up the momentum of your business.

1. Flowers, gardens, the first sign of Spring. Do you know a lot about flowers, trees etc? Educate your audience or play a game and ask your audience to name the flowers. What their favourite flower is etc.

2. Animals, share your new additions. Ask the public to name them. Run a competition just for fun. Tell stories about your livestock.

3. Show behind the scenes, morning routines with animals, getting the gardens ready, upgrades to premises etc.

4. Fresh produce, show how its made, how people can purchase it etc.

5. Promote gift vouchers for Mothers Day, they can be used at a later date.

6. Ask engaging questions, what offer would your customers like to see, menu ideas etc.

7. Share inspirational stories about your community.

8. If you have an open space and have been able to remain partially open, remind your customers they can come for walks outdoors and any safety measures that are in place to protect them. If you’re a dog-friendly destination, mention this also.

9. Tell them stories, how the business came about, why you do what you do, who the staff are that work there, does it have a historic feature to share.

10. Run a positivity campaign, share fun things that have happened, get your audience to share pictures of activities they are doing indoors to keep themselves occupied. Are the kids creating epic forts? Minecraft objects? Baking cakes etc.

Let me know if you found this post helpful. And if you haven’t already, be sure to check out my FREE Resources!

ALL my best, 

– Sarah Jane

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